Our cuisine:
an élite cuisine

Our restaurant has two ambitions: to create a seafood cuisine of rare tastiness and to prepare holesome and genuine products using the best flours , in order to offer customers a complete service of the highest quality.

The kitchen prepares a rich selection of dishes, among which we recall polenta and schie, scallops Venetian style, gransoporo with seasonal vegetables, tagliolini with go, seafood risotto, turnover with prawns and asparagus or mushrooms or radicchio from Treviso and even fish baked, salted or grilled in a wood oven, prepared by professional chefs.


The noble fish tradition

Our cuisine has the fresh fish products of the Northern area of the Adriatic Sea as its protagonists, in particular cape peverasse (clams), queen scallops, scallops, razor clams, hazel dormouses, grilled and stewed with its black cuttlefish, the different kinds of bluefish: anchovies, sardines, mackerel, etc.. and also sole, sea bass, sea bream, shad, mullet and other fish of excellent quality of our sea.

A wine for every dish

Their wine choice is wide and satisfying, from the best wines coming from the Piave River area, to Prosecco coming from Conegliano-Valdobbiadene and then wines from Friuli, Trentino Alto Adige and Franciacorta. Over the year the restaurant organizes for its guests elegant enogastronomic events, to exalt at best the traditions of Venice and Treviso, the Adriatic fish and the products of the territory.

Some of our dishes matched with good wine >>

Always fresh and homemade pastry

The meal completed by the excellent desserts made by Nereo, a real master in the kitchen: panna cotta with licorice, tasty parfaits, the traditional Treviso Tiramisù, tarts with berries or homemade jams, puff pastry with chantilly cream, yogurt mousse with fresh fruit.

Try our cuisine

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